Fine Cuisine
                                              Special Pho                                                                             Crab Noodle Soup

                                             Chicken Pho                                                                     Mint Leaf and Jicama Roll

                                           Summer Roll                                                                            Crispy Vermicelli Roll

                                   Grilled Beef Steak Salad                                                               Green Papaya Salad

                           Chicken & Shrimp Vermicelli Bowl                                                    Beef Vermicelli Bowl

                                         Seafood Claypot                                                             Sweet Potato & Chicken Curry

                              Iron Skillet Ginger Prawns                                        Sizzling Spicy Lemongrass Chicken w/ Brown Rice

                                   Sizzling Shaking Beef                                                                         Clay Pot Paella

                         Seafood & Pumpkin Curry Stew                                                          Tofu & Eggplant Clay Pot

                      Ginger Lemonade & Thai Iced Tea                                                      Sampling of Premium Beer